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.... Beauty: A'kin Cellular Radiance serum review......

As much as I adore Josie Maran Argan oil, I cannot purchase it here in the UK (Why Josie, why????) so I needed to find an alternative because, without it, my skin just isn't happy.

Enter the first contender, A'kin Cellular Radiance Serum.

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I bought this product as part of a duo set from QVC, it contained this and the A'kin Rosehip oil at a very decent price compared to other websites I checked. 

As you can see, the serum, which is actually an oil, comes in a 30ml size dropper bottle which is nice for dispensing just a couple of drops. The oil looks and smells pretty much the same as the standard Rosehip oil which is a sort of dark amber colour and smells a little bit like tea leaves. 
I like that about it, I have tried cheaper oils that have no colour or smell and they haven't done anything for my skin so, for me, these "imperfections" are proof of the quality of the A'kin products.

I use it the way I used the Argan oil but only in the evening:  2-3 drops on my face, 2-3 drops for my neck and decolletage. I emulsify it in my palms first and then gently massage and press it into my skin, including around my eyes and on my eyelashes.

I would totally recommend this serum as it healed my skin during a reaction to another product. The first couple of times I used it my face looked amazingly glowy when I woke up but that hasn't really happened since, which is a shame, but I still love it for the way it keeps me spot free.

You can buy it A'kin from like I did or from

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