Wednesday, 5 October 2011

...... Beauty: Gliss Shea Cashmere Shampoo and conditioner review

Well, that no 'poo days are officially over. I followed the advice in Curly Girl to the letter and ended up with a tangled crows nest of hair on top of a sore scalp so last week I went to Savers and picked up the silicone loaded bargain that is Gliss Shea Cashmere.

    These babies cost a bargainous £1 each and after the first wash my hair felt silky soft and my scalp went back to normal. I still have that frizzy halo but these products make no claims to fix that and I have used much pricer products *ahem* Sebastian Laminates *ahem* that made the frizz worse and my hair feel like straw.

    Would I recommend these products? So far, it's a resounding yes :)

    You can buy these where I did: Savers, or at Superdrug where they are £1.99 but sometimes buy one get one free if you want to collect points ;)

    Scarlett xx

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