Thursday, 6 October 2011

..... Beauty: Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel review

I was sent this product (as part of a promotion on Facebook) in a trial size when it was first released but didn't really have the chance to review it until now so you may have already seen a bajillion reviews but I am adding my 2 cents just the same.
Here goes.

The product comes out of the tube as a translucent orange gel-cream which also smells like (slightly chemical) oranges.

When you rub it on your skin it transforms into an oil which you massage in like a normal cleanser.

To remove it, you add water so that it turns milky and easily rinses away. In theory...

I found that, for some bizarre reason, it just will not rinse off! I have now tried it for two weeks and not once has this milky miracle transpired! I've seen it demonstrated on QVC so I know it can be done but, for me, this cleanser simply doesn't live up to the price tag of £19.40 for 125ml.

An extra gripe is that you can't use it around your eyes so you would definitely need a separate product to remove eye make up.

There are supposed to be some exfoliating benefits to this cleanser but I haven't noticed any, possibly due to the greasy residue that I get left with every time I use it.

Sadly, I cannot recommend this product. Elemis makes some good stuff but this one was just not right for my oily, sensitive skin.

Scarlett xx

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