Friday, 7 October 2011

.... Beauty: 7 day trial of L'Occitane Divine Cream (courtesy of BeautyBecca) - Day 1

So six days ago I received a lovely email from BeautyBecca telling me that I had had won her giveaway of a week's worth of L'Occitane Divine Cream and, as someone who is a little obsessed with all things beauty and (ever so) slightly addicted to QVC, I was more than a little excited to get a change to try this super luxe Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible "Miracle Cream" champion which I had been lemming since seeing the demo a couple of weeks ago.

Here is what I won:

and here is what I think so far:
First of all, I think I will be able to get at least 14 days out of these as I only use an SPF day cream. Second of all, even the sample sachets are puuuurty....... *sigh*

Anyway, I tried the cream for the first time last night and so far I really like it. The cream is thick but I didn't find it greasy and I didn't need much for my whole face and decollete. I found it quite hydrating, even on my cheeks which have a tendency to become dehydrated. The smell is quite subtle and a little bit "herby", it smells like a L'Occitane product.

This morning I was very impressed by how my skin looked. Usually in the morning I look tired and greasy, not so this fine morning - my skin looked surprisingly even and was not greasy at all!!!

Obviously I will be continuing the trial until I run out so I will post updates as it goes along but, so far, I am definitely impressed and I can't wait to see if the the results get even better.

Thanks for reading,
Scarlett xx

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  1. Glad you like the divine cream so much :D! Great post x


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