Monday, 29 October 2012

Music Monday: Seven Devils by Florence and the Machine

I'm sure a huge portion of you reading will be going "Uh, this isn't new" but if it's new to me, it might be new to others and it's only polite to share, see?

I heard this song last week on the Revenge (UK) finale montage and, after the gripping season conclusion, I promptly typed "Seven Devils" into Google and found out that I am apparently a fan of Florence and the Machine and that it was also used for a Game of Thrones Season 2 promo.

I may be mildly obsessed with the song.
I may have had it on repeat for a few days.
At some point I will find out if the rest of the album is good too....

Friday, 12 October 2012

Exciting News if you love Kate Moss' Make Up!

Charlotte Tilbury, Ibiza cohort of Miss Moss and Grand Mistress of the Smokey Eye (yes, it deserves capitals) has decided to start a blog!

This blog will feature tutorials, reviews, quick-fix tips and behind the scenes glimpses into the (probably) ridiculously exciting life of a celebrity Make up Artist.

As a pre-emptive treat, Charlotte has released a Smokey Eye tutorial, featuring Laura Bailey, which you can see HERE on her new YouTube channel, or on the Grazia website.

I suggest we all watch and learn..... ;)

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Lisa Eldridge's ingenious Brights vs Smoky tutorial

I know it's a bit lazy to just share someone else's video but this is such a good idea that I physically had to!

On the surface, it looks like it's been done using dark coloured shadows with varying undertones, BUT, it's actually an ingenious way of using up those random brights that everyone seems to own that never seem to get used.

All hail the Queen of Make Up ;)

Go HERE for more knowledge