Tuesday, 28 February 2012

... beauty: EOTD - Pop of Purple, featuring MUFE Aqua Cream Liner review

Today, I decided to add a little kick to my fall back eye look, purple eyeliner!
I haven't used this one very much because it is quite a dry formula which can make it a bit harder to achieve a smooth line than if I was using a creamier formula.
I love applying a soft black line of eyeshadow, with an angled brush, on days when I want good definition but not a full on cat eye. For some reason though, lately, eyeshadow liner will not stay put on my lids. WIthin a couple of hours the fallout is ridiculous and, frankly, embarrassing.

Step forward the newly useful Aqua Cream Liner!

On a whim, I decided to try it out again yesterday and it works brilliantly with an angled brush because the texture is firm enough that the brush doesn't sink in too far as it has a tendency to do with the creamier liners. This means that I don't end up with a bloody great clump on the brush and that I can achieve a subtle, smooth line just as easily as I previously could with eyeshadow - dab in the pot, dab on the lid!
But wait! The genius of this product doesn't stop there! With that same angled brush I can dab in the pot and dab along my waterline, creating a line that lasts pretty much all day - amazing!

Here it is in action:

- Mally Lid Primer
- MAC Innuendo eyeshadow blended through socket
- MAC Relaxing blended over lid
- MUFE Aqua Cream Liner No5 on top lash line and waterline
- Laura Geller Wonder Wand as a brow highlight

Not sure if these pics do the product justice but the purple gives a lovely soft definition to the eyes. I haven't applied it very heavily on my waterline today but yesterday, as part of the experiment, I applied it quite thickly and joined it up with the top liner to make a more dramatic look and it worked just as well.

Would I buy this product again?
Hell yeah! If I can find more colours in the UK my make up bag will welcome them with open zips ;)

I hope that was useful :)


  1. I love it. Plus- that liner sounds like a must if it lasts in your water line all day. I have the hardest time with that. The colors are gorgeous!

  2. Thank you :)
    It's not perfect but it lasts longer than anything else I've tried. I think my skin repels make up!!


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