Saturday, 25 February 2012

... fitness: Amy Childs Fit in 30 Days - Zero to Hero in 30 Days

I just found this on Amazon. That's right, sometimes I actually spend time looking at new workout releases....
Anyway, I don't watch TOWIE but I know a lot of people love it and would definitely want to know about this DVD.
I have to admit that I am very tempted myself. I love interval training and the workout description sounds challenging and fairly exciting. Will it tempt me away from Jillian and The Firm? We shall see.......


  1. I didn't know amy child's had a workout DVD! I have to try this!

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  2. lol you should let us know if it's better! sounds awesome!

  3. Thanks guys :)
    I am actually looking forward to this now!
    Sadly, it's not released until April, so I have a while to talk myself out of it :)


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