Sunday, 22 January 2012

..... a third award!!!! Versatile Blogger...

You wait all year for an award and then three come along at once!
This award was given to me by the lovely MargaretH so make sure you check out her blog!!

Here are the rules:
1. You must thank the person who gave you the award, including a shout out with a link back to their blog
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself
3. Send the award to 15 other bloggers whose blogs you love and let them know about it

The facts:
1. I wish that Russell Brand still had a podcast
2. I am looking forward to seeing Prometheus, the prequel to Alien.
3. I saw Fight Club four times in the cinema
4. My favourite childhood films were Labyrinth and The Last Unicorn and I still love them both!
5. Rocket salad makes me gag :(
6. I love Las Vegas!
7. I am wearing a moisturising face mask as I type!!

15 brilliant blogs:
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Thanks for reading


  1. Congrats on the awards! Great blog now following! xoxo

  2. congrats on the award! I love Vegas too and yaa Russel Brand is pretty funny!

  3. Congrats to that award! I just can wait to see Prometheus either. Just love all the Alien movies a lot.

  4. @Amy Berkley Thank you!! :)

    @Pop Champagne Thank you!! :)

    @EyeGraffiti Thank you! Yup, Aliens are cool!! :)


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