Monday, 2 January 2012 New Year, New Eyeshadows!! Make Up Geek Eyeshadow Review and LORAC Serenity dupe...

Two years ago  I started swapping out my traditional make up for talc free, paraben free mineral make up. There were two flaws in my amazing plan: the first being that I had more make up than I thought so rather than replacing items I simply doubled the amount I own, the second being that minerals can be a bit of a palaver to use, especially when travelling, and the pots don't make it easy to really see all the colours I own so I tend to forget what I have and end up sticking to the same colours.

Due to this cosmetic mis-calcuation, when I saw Marlena's video I was definitely not in the market for trying anything new but, somehow, my habitual behaviour saw me clicking on the link and checking out the starter kit.......
Talc free you say?
No Parabens?
No filler?
All in a convenient MAC sized pan at a limited time only reduced price??

SOLD! To the cosmetic compulsive at the back......

While I waited for the shadows to arrive I felt uneasy. I already have too much stuff, what if they're rubbish and I've wasted my money?

Well, they finally arrived last Thursday and I am truly ecstatic to say that I have ZERO regret with my decision!
I have tried all eight shadows and love them all. My favourite colour so far is Glamorous, a BEAUTIFUL golden brown that is a perfect dupe for LORAC's Serenity eyeshadow at about a quarter of the price - amazing!!

One shadow I was a bit concerned about was Purely Naked, I just didn't think I would use it, but it is the perfect nude socket colour for my skin and I am so glad that Marlena included it in the kit.

Click here to see the kit and be sure to check out the rest of the MUG website for some amazing tutorials.

Next up:
- BLOG SALE featuring MAC, Bare Escentuals and Mally beauty!!
- Multiple EOTDs featuring MUG eye shadows!!

Please come back and check them out :)

Thanks for reading xx

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