Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Pancake Problems

Actually, egg problems to be more accurate.

I was trying the Carbohydrates Addict's Diet (notice the use of the past tense here) so I bought a crap load of eggs to cook for breakfast.
Now I ain't got no time for cookin' 'n' such in the morning so I decided to rely on boiled eggs.

The result:
I am now sick to death of boiled eggs.

I bet you are shocked, aren't you?
Yup, neither was anyone else I know. The problem is that I still have to use up these damn eggs so I've been trying lots if random recipes trying to find something that doesn't make me gag.

My first attempt was a flourless pancake. It was ok but I wouldn't do it again. There were promises of fluffy deliciousness so convincing that it could fool small children.
Sadly I am not a small child but to see my cooking you might think so.

See here to make a better job of it than I:

Second attempt: The  Tone it Up Perfect Fit pancakes

Mmmmmmm, looks good, no?

Mine did not look like that. It was a different species of food entirely.
To be fair, I didn't really follow the instructions. I thought fuck it, I'll use 2 whole eggs (they'll be gone quicker), a whole banana (what am I supposed to do with the other half?), 2 spoonfuls of oats (in lieu of protein powder/flaxseed) and some cinnamon (the only accuracy in my version!).

The end result was actually quite nice at first but there was a weirdness to it towards the end, like a dodgy banana muffin.
I will probably try again so I will let you know if I stumble upon something amazing.

Any ideas? Let me know below....


  1. lol well your version sounds more delicious. Cutting carbs is hard for me but when I did it I lost so much weight so fast! I plan to do it again once I have my baby. =-) Your pancakes sounds delicious right about now...

    1. Thank you, you're right, they really weren't that bad ;)
      Try it, if I can make them edible anybody can!!


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