Sunday, 8 April 2012

... beauty: Project Blade - The Trimester Edition: Part 3...

If it 's good enough for the movies, it's good enough for my blog. A trilogy that is, and so we come to the final part.

Aussie Sprunch spray - Best thing for curls EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Aussie, what the F*CK??!! We use styling products in the UK too, you know!!
Would I repurchase? No, but only because I CAN'T!

Laura Geller Creme to Powder foundation in Bisque - I like this product, it has SPF 20, gives decent coverage and was a good colour match (Bisque) for my pale skin even though it looked crazy dark in the compact. Repurchase? Possibly.

Laura Geller Bronze 'n' Brighten mini - Quite dark but I was able to use it for contouring in spite of my paleness. Repurchase? No, it contains talc.

MAC Innuendo eyeshadow - Lovely subtle taupe with a hint of shimmer, great for socket contouring. Repurchase? No, it contains talc.

Dove Pro-Age deodorant - Worked well enough but still made my underarms itchy and, even though I thought it smelled nice to begin with, after about a week I couldn't stand the smell! Repurchase? No.

Pro Strong Pro Moist hand cream - As you can see when I finish a product I really finish it! I bought this from QVC thanks to the promise of the hand cream keeping your hands supple even after hand washing. Sounds great, right? My hands still cracked this Winter so, no.

Decleor Ylang Ylang night balm - I love Decleor. I love the clarity this gives my skin. It also smells byoootiful.  Will I repurchase? If I can find a good deal, definitely. If not, probably.....

I hope these posts have been of interest. I already have more to add for my April update!

I think Blade would be proud........


  1. The curl spray sounds awesome. So does the powder, but the hand cream is a disappointment and so is the deo. I really hate it when a cream sounds so promising and bam! Its sucks and you are stuck with it...

    1. It really is awesome! If the powers that be will give me a Green card I'll buy all the time!


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