Wednesday, 7 March 2012

... fitness: Jackie Warner - The Crocodile Dundee of Personal Trainers?! An Xtreme Timesaver Training DVD review....

To paraphrase somewhat:

That's not a workout....... THIS is a workout!

I type this entry with shaking arms. Earlier on I tried to do a jaunty sitting down dance (as one does) to Superfreak. My abs said no.

Jackie, my dear you are an evil genius of epic proportions.

Would I recommend?
Honestly, how could I not? I will be doing this again on Friday and am looking forward to it! :D


  1. This is awesome!! I bet it gives you a huge burst of energy too!

    1. I love it! I must admit, the first time I did it I felt sick afterwards but I still wanted to do it again!


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