Saturday, 17 March 2012

... beauty: Haulin' haulin' haulin' B.E!! Featuring Faux and Foxy, Brush With Fame and Golden Fair....

Not often the theme song from Rawhide gets an outing these days, albeit with slightly different lyrics..........

Anyway, this mini haul was actually done during the Feel Unique January sale (!) so you have my apologies for the tardiness, life is complicated at times.

Without further ado: the good stuff!!



These pics look weird but it has been bizarrely misty lately making good lighting even harder to come by than usual.

The gold bag and brushes is the Brush With Fame collection. These brushes are GORGEOUS!! Not only are they tres purty to look at but they are soft enough to make kittens jealous!
I love them.

The bronze compact, retractable brush and bronze capped lipgloss make up the Faux and Foxy collection. Faux Tan is lovely, a kind of Haydn Panettiere, toffee coloured bronzer. The pinky-bronze  lipgloss is pigmented, hydrating and has an SPF. The retractable brush is soft, dense and stylish in a handbag.

Golden Fair seems to be a good match for my skin, it's a slightly warmer version of Fairly Light, which can sometimes be a little ashy on me.

I bought the brushes and the foundation from Feel Unique and Faux and Foxy from ebay.

I will update with slightly more comprehensive posts as I use the products more but, so far, it's a big thumbs up.

I love it when a plan comes together.................


  1. Those brushes look so pretty! Mine are all so boring.. lol. The products sound great too!

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  3. this looks really lovely- thanks for reviews the shades- i think i'd be about the same xx
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