Thursday, 29 March 2012

... beauty: Project Blade - The Trimester Edition: Part 1.......

I have excuses but I'm not going to give them. Busy stuff, sad stuff, that's it.

However, my lack of posts does mean that I have quite a few empties to share so I have decided to split up the posts and extend the reading pleasure, rather than bombard you and your internet with relentless pictures.

Today we have:

This picture is terrible. I'm sorry.

From the left:
- Charles Worthington Daily Treat conditioner, travel size.
I really like this conditioner but, on top of trying to avoid silicones, I am not even sure that you can still buy this

- Gliss Shea Cashmere shampoo with Liquid Keratin
Again, a great product. This one is still available for the bargain price of £1 from Savers and 99p/£1 stores!

- Dove Intensive conditioner, free sample with Marie Claire
If I do give up on the 'cone free lifestyle this will be one for the shopping list; rich, hydrating and widely available :)

I hope that, in spite of the appalling photography, this was of some interest.

Happy Friday!!

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  1. No worries, Im obsessed with nail oils! :)xx


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