Wednesday, 30 November 2011

... fitness: It's that time of year again!!

Ok, so I am both a beauty and fitness junkie. I love a bit of sparkle and I love a new workout DVD, so this time of year is when I keep my eyes glued to Amazon to check out which Z-list celebrity has temporarily lost a crapload of weight this year and is now flogging their amazing secrets so that we mere mortals can reap the same benefits!!
It's cheesy, it's sometimes a mistake, but sometimes, just sometimes, you find some real gems.

This year I will be purchasing three DVDs.

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Right, I made the mistake of buying her previous dance DVD a good few years ago and it was one of the worst I had ever seen, but, this year, she is being taught by Elia Siaperas who was the trainer on last years Clare Nasir workout and the prvious years Hannah Waterman DVD. He works you hard doing intervals and plyometric bodyweight moves and I love this way of working out so I will be risking a second Jennifer DVD in the hopes that he will deliver more of the same.

My second purchase will be Christine Bleakley - The Workout

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I didn't watch The One Show and I haven't seen Daybreak but she is in great shape, plus her sister has a seven stone weight loss story and I don't know about you but I love a good before and after! 
On a practical note, the workout preview video makes it seem quite intense and sweaty and is another one with intervals and plyometrics.

These two will be out on Boxing Day which is the norm for these types of DVDs.

The final DVD I will be discussing is the newest Davina - Ultimate Target

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Davina McCall is the exception to all the celebrity workout rules. For a start, this will be her eighth DVD!! 
She also releases hers before Christmas because she has, apparently, realized that not all of us wait until the Boxing Day Bloat to decide to get fitter!
Her workouts over the years have mostly been fantastic and I still use my favourites on a regular basis.
This years trailer looks great so I have pre-ordered it as a (slightly early) birthday present for myself ;)

Tempted? Sickened? let me know :)

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