Saturday, 19 November 2011 Alpha H Balancing Cleanser Review

In my continuing search for the perfect cleanser I have come across some duds and some gems. Happily, this one falls into the latter category.

I was watching QVC again and saw a very persuasive demo of this product. However, the price was a little more than I was willing to risk, even with the legendary 30 day money back guarantee to fall back on, so I trawled through the listings in ebay and managed to find a small size at a good price.


This cleanser had some serious claims to live up to: non-stripping, yet thorough, ph balanced cleansing and the ability to remove even waterproof mascara without irritation.

Amazingly, it passed on all counts.

I love this cleanser. It removes all my waterproof mascara (no easy task, believe me) with minimal rubbing, it rinses off beautifully leaving my skin feeling clean without being "squeaky" or dehydrated, and finally, but crucially, it does not break me out.

I literally have only one problem with this product and that is price. It costs about £22 for 200ml which, while not silly money, is still a hefty amount. So, for the moment, I am keeping an eye out for good value kits, ebay bargains and potential high street dupes.

Anyone else tried this or able to recommend something similar?

Thanks for reading.

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