Thursday, 18 November 2010

Fitness: Days 2+3 of C.A.D. : Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead!!

The Wicked Witch in question is my unending hunger during days 1+2 which, as the title suggests, has now left the building...... or at least my belly anyway :)

So Wednesday was a completely different experience. I woke up, worked out (Jackie Warner DVD) and felt a lot less hungry than I do on a normal morning when I finally got around to eating breakfast, which was celery and cottage cheese.
I ended up eating lunch about 4 hours later (can of tuna, low fat cream cheese, chopped gherkin-all mixed together. It sounds gross but it's actually really nice I promise) which again is pretty good because I am usually famished after about 2 hours.

Anyway, I didn't post this wondrous turn of events yesterday in case it was a one off, but, today I had a knackering shopping trip and didn't feel that hungry until I was pretty much on my way home.
Usually a trip to town warrants a bit of a blow out on my arrival home involving any goodies I've picked up (thank you Savers and Greggs!) but today I put my treats in a bag, put them to one side and made myself a CAD appropriate lunch - tofu, low fat cream cheese, chopped gherkins - safe in the knowledge that they would be in for a world of shit in a few hours!

So as I type this I am looking forward to a nice big supper - cumberland sausage in a giant bap, chips, cheesy crouton salad and as many chocolate chip cookies as I can eat.
BTW, I am down another 2 pounds............. Best. Diet. Ever.

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