Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Beauty: Evolve skincare:Daily Detox Facial Wash and Multi Action Double Cream.

Wow, 2 posts in one day, even with The Hunger. Although, it does give me something to do while I wait.
Anyway, enough famine- induced digressions, on with the first impressions....

My main first impression is that they are a bit smelly. I know that sounds silly but I didn't realize how much it would bother me to use a product that smells weird.

Daily Detox Facial Wash:for normal/oily skin types:
So far, I think it's ok but that is all. Like I said, it smells odd, weird apples, but it cleans my skin well enough and doesn't seemed to have caused any breakouts. However, last night I started getting some soreness around my eyes after I washed my face. It may be a coincidence but I will keep you posted.

Multi Action Double Cream: for normal/dry skin types:
Again, it's ok, not great and not very economical because I find that I have to apply two layers of it to stop my skin feeling tight. I would normally have bought the oily skin version but I dread to think how much I would have had to use of that version.
Then, like the wash, the smell is odd. I once read a review where someone had written that the product smelled like dust. I know understand what she meant. There is also an undertone of powdered milk. Random.

I know this preliminary review doesn't sound very promising but I am going to continue to use the products to give them a chance to have some sort of effect. As for the sore skin, I am hoping that it is merely due to the (horrendous) drop in temperature we have had in the UK recently but, like I said, I will update when I know for sure.

I was lucky enough to get these products on clearance in John Lewis, Cardiff so there may be some left if you want to give them a go. Sadly, they did not have the cleansing balm which I really wanted to try, but the two products I bought came to just over £9 in total which is less than the normal cost of the face wash alone so it is definitely worth checking out if you have ever been interested in this brand.

I should also mention that these products are organic and paraben/sulphate free.

If you do try them, or have already tried this range, let me know how you got on :)

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