Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Fitness: Day 2 of C.A.D.

Today I am crotchety. Not a little bit, but massively. I could quite happily hurt someone right now. Well, maybe give them a slap or a pinch anyway... :)
I am HUNGRY!!!!!

Today I ate:

Breakfast: cottage cheese/cucumber - hungry immediately afterwards :(
Lunch: mixed salad, cheese - same thing, seriously, does this stuff really fill people up?????

Tonight I intend to eat:

fish fingers (no, I am not 4 years old!); lots of veggies with butter and pepper; and a big old pile of chips with, possibly, a giant nougat bar for dessert (old school, I know).

As you can see, I am testing the "eat whatever you want" rule to the max.

However, even though I am only supposed do a daily weigh in for the purposes of a weekly average weight measurement,  I felt I should let you know that I am actually down 2 pounds from yesterday. I am surprised because I ate a lot last night, but there we are, long may it continue....

Hopefully, the crotchetiness will have dissipated a little by tomorrow and I will feel up to a longer, more informative post. :)


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