Sunday, 3 October 2010

Beauty: Sarah Chapman Skincare

So this is another product that came to my attention thanks to QVC.
Sarah Chapman is a Facialist who is quite well known in the beauty industry and I believe treats quite a few celebrities.
The products I have tried are:

                                                                     Overnight Facial
This product is a gorgeous smelling oil that you apply at night after cleansing.
I usually use it by itself but you can layer a separate night cream over it if you prefer.
I have to be honest, I don't wake up "glowing" when I use this but it smells amazing (Jasmine?) and really soothes my skin if I'm feeling a bit sensitive.

                                                     Dynamic Defence SPF15 Day Cream
I prefer to use a higher SPF than this (at least 25) but it came as part of a kit and I am glad it did because it's a lovely product. It's really great for (not very Sunny!) days when I feel I need a bit more moisture. It has a fairly thick texture but it doesn't feel heavy or overy greasy on my skin. I am very oily across my T-Zone so there is always shine whatever I use but, even with this thicker texture, I am no shinier than usual.
Like the Overnight Facial, it smells lovely but in a completely different way, sort of herbal, excellent description I know but it smells quite unusual!

                                                                    Ultimate Cleanse
Ultimate Cleanse is a cleansing balm that is removed with a cloth and warm water. It has a similar smell to Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish but more camphor and less menthol.
I was not massively keen on this product because I didn't feel like it came off properly and I would usually use a facial wash straight afterwards to make sure my skin was clean.
However, most people seem to love this product so it's probably worth a try!

                                                                   Age Repair Serum
This serum is nothing like a typical serum, it feels more like a light moisturiser. It has a similar smell to the Day Cream and gives a nice hit of moisture. However, like the cleanser, I was not overly impressed. I did not suffer any adverse reaction to this product I just didn't feel like it was doing anything other than moisturising which was something that the Day Cream already did. So, for the moment, I will not be adding this to my routine.

Overall I was quite pleased with my Sarah Chapman experiment. There are some really nice products there and well worth a try.
This is the kit I bought:

                                   Sarah Chapman 3 Piece Overnight Facial Collection - 229628

I had previously tried a different collection which included the serum and is no longer available, but this kit gives you a travel size of the day cream and the cleanser as well as the full size Overnight Facial for less than the price of the Overnight Facial on it's own!! Weird, but I'm not complaining...

All products can be found on QVC and, sadly, I did have to buy them myself!

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