Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Beauty: Review of Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

I was able to pick up a sample of this last week and finally got a chance to try it out today.
It went on really nicely, very smooth and with good coverage. I was even able to add a second layer and it looked great.

The finish is satin-matte on me, I have very oily skin, and I did feel the need to powder afterwards, but I was very happy with the look it gave my skin and I left the house feeling rather good.
A couple of hours later I happened to look in a mirror and my good feeling turned to horror -

I was orange.......shiny and orange.

I will be trying this again over the next couple of days to see if different application methods make any difference. My biggest hope, I think, is trying it with a layer of my, supernaturally pale, Bare Minerals over the top to see if that curbs some of the oxidising.

I tried Ecru which is the palest Neutral shade in the range.

If you are brave enough to risk orange horror head on down to your nearest Estee Lauder counter where they will be happy to match you up with your ideal shade.

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