Saturday, 18 September 2010

Beauty:NARS Sheer Glow Review

Ok, so I am definitely in the minority here in Blog-World but I am very sad to say that I was not impressed with this foundation.
I had read a seen so many good things about this product that by the time I arrived in John Lewis I was like  a two year old on Christmas Eve and spent the rest of m evening smiling moronically knowing the potentially life changing treasure that lay nestled in my handbag.
The next morning I rushed through the rest of my routine in order to get to my foundation application as quickly as humanly possible. I opened the box, shook up the sexy little bottle and, gingerly, tipped a little out on the back of my hand. I dipped in my foundation brush and applied it to my cheek.........
Nothing happened.
I tried a different brush......
My fingers.....
My skin is ok. I have the usual imperfections from old acne war wounds and areas of redness on the sides of my nose and Sheer Glow did NOTHING to cover them. I could see colour on my skin but no actual coverage. Very weird and so disappointing.
My next complaint is the texture of the product. It was quite hard to blend out and had a tendency to look patchy on me. The powderyness(?) of the product made it set too quickly but did nothing at all to stop oil breakthrough during the day.

Now, I have seen a review on YouTube where the reviewer has some of the complaints that I did and those complaints were fixed by trying a different colour. Sadly, as I live in the UK I am denied this opportunity: if you buy the wrong colour, you keep the wrong colour. At least you do where I bought it.

So, would I recommend buying this product? No.
Would I recommend trying it out if you have the chance? Definitely. I wanted to love it and maybe I would have in a different colour but I guess I'll have to wait for my next holiday to find out if that's true.....

Here is the review I mentioned:

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