Tuesday, 3 August 2010

No 'Poo for You?

I haven't 'pooed in about three months............

Nope, I haven't lost my mind, I am talking about the No(sham)Poo routine for curly hair, also known as "Curly Girl" after the book of the same name by Lorraine Massey.

I have long, curly hair which requires a lot of styling to to look shiny and ringletty(?!) and have spent far more time than can possibly be healthy preoccupied with trying every curl orientated product I could get my desperate little mitts on.
However, earlier this year, I happened upon an interesting post


and once I had finished my lovely but 'cone loaded Shiseido Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner (I may be fickle but I don't do wastage!) I began my journey into the mousse-free unknown.
It took a while to get used to the new routine and the first time I tried it was a complete disaster, but I persevered and now have a routine that I'm actually pretty happy with.

There are lots of curly blogs dedicated to how to do this properly but, for the sake of interest, here is my routine anyway:
Co-wash - Wilkinson Tea Tree conditioner
Conditioner - same again
Styling- small blob of Boots Curl Cream followed by a ridiculous amount of Boots hair gel( the purple one)

Then I scrunch most of the water out with three large tea towels that my Mum very kindly sewed together for me and give it a final spritz with Salon Professional hairspray (black and pink can from Savers).
After I do my makeup it's usually ready to be diffused dry, and that is it.

In the evening I put my hair into a half pulled through ponytail right on the top of my head. It is horrendously unflattering but it maintains the curls so well that all I have to do the next day is shake it out.

I know that most people straighten their hair these days, but for those of you who love your curls (and for any non-curlies who suffer with dryness) give no'poo a try because anything that makes your life easier has got to be good right?

Scarlett xx

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