Monday, 7 May 2012

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This post is not for a giveaway or any sort of compensation. Someone mentioned this website in a comment under an article I was reading so I checked it out.

If you are looking for Kettlebell workouts and don't feel like shelling out a ton of cash on the latest, must-have infomercial you should definitely check out Marianne's website.

I'll be honest, I am yet to try any of the workouts as I have limited space space for exercise and the whole 'flinging' aspect of Kettlebell-ing unsettles me somewhat - I think it's to do with the potential for getting a bit over zealous and smashing the tv (or a floorboard, for that matter) to smithereens.....

Anyway, if I haven't put you off with my (slightly) insane worries, head over there immediately and get fit for free :)

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