Sunday, 11 December 2011

..... Beauty - Trilogy Replenishing Night cream and Cream Cleanser Review

Yay, a positive review coming up!!

Recently, I replenished my Kimberly Sayer day cream from Love Lula (see here for a review) and was given a choice of samples to receive with it.
I chose the Cream Cleanser and Replenishing Night Cream from Trilogy.

First up, the cleanser:

I received a small sachet of this which lasted me about three days and thought it was a very nice product. It didn't break me out at all and had a lovely rich, creamy texture that left my oily, sensitive skin feeling clean and hydrated. I didn't test it on mascara removal because I use a different product for that but it removed my face make up easily.
If it was ever on offer I would definitely consider buying the full size.

Now on to my favourite, the Replenishing Night Cream:

I will be honest, this product, for me at least, doesn't have the best smell. My husband commented that I smelled a bit like curry, but it's more like the herbs/spices you would put into the curry than the actual dish itself. The smell does fade though and isn't that strong to begin with but it's best to know these things in advance I think - forewarned is forearmed!
The texture of the product is surprisingly light when applied to the skin, I noticed hardly any shine after using it but my skin felt incredibly hydrated and calmed.
This product I would definitely purchase as a full size, whether or not it was on offer!! It's not a miracle in a pot or anything like that but my skin really liked it and, for me, that is the most important thing.

Anyone else tried any Trilogy? Let me know your thoughts......

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