Wednesday, 10 August 2011

..... beauty: Brands that are on QVC USA that should also be on QVC UK - No 1 - Josie Maran

I understand that in terms of global politics this matters not a jot, but this discrepancy of brands (and pricing, actually) has been one of my pet peeves since I found out that QVC customers in the States have been getting incredible value, auto-delivery TSVs for YEARS AND YEARS.
I understand that we are in a different country with a different economy and that sales logistics can be complicated, but surely QVC is QVC?

At this point I would like to throw all my toys out of the pram and have a full on tantrum, but negativity is not the mission of this post, no, this post is dedicated to the wonders of Josie Maran Cosmetics.......

I first came across Josie Maran's brand in August 2008 while studying in San Francisco. My skin was breaking out but, as luck would have it, I remembered a Sephora subscription email I had received not long before singing the praises of JM's Argan oil.

This miracle oil could get rid of wrinkles, heal acne and moisturise skin better than any extortionately priced, overly advertised unguent. Obviously I was intrigued and San Francisco just so happened to have a very well stocked Sephora, so the inevitable occurred and that very same day a little brown bottle of potential sat in my bathroom just waiting to be tested.

I started out tentatively, worried (despite previously seeing results to the contrary) that the application of oil on an already overly oily skin would just make things worse, but you know the answer - of course it didn't. What it did do was live up to the last two of those high expectations - the spots and scars were able to heal and the moisture boost allowed the my skin to balance out the oiliness. I am not saying that it doesn't work on wrinkles but (touch wood) I have none to test it on.

The oil itself is a translucent golden/copper colour and the smell, at first, is weird but I got used to it straight away as it doesn't linger.

My usage routine went as follows:
- 1 drop for my face, 2-3 drops for my neck and decollete, A.M.
- 2-3 drops for my face, 2-3 drops for my neck, etc, P.M.

It completely healed my skin and it is still the best face oil I have ever tried, despite finding others that I did like.

At this point you may be thinking "Well, if it's so great, why aren't you still using it?" and that is a very valid point. The simple answer is this: I cannot buy it in the UK.

That's right, ever since my stockpile ran out I have been Argan-less. I tried another brand that I found on eBay but it was just not the same. It was cheaper but it didn't  do anything for my skin.

Then, to add insult to injury, I find out that I have missed out on a whole host of gorgeous sounding products that have been released during my American absence - none of which I am able to try!

So please, Josie, I beg you QVC, make these products available this side of the Atlantic and make a beauty addict's day.

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