Wednesday, 23 February 2011

FiTNESS: Valerie Waters Action Hero Babe Programme - Day 3 - Burn and my first Nakd Bar!......

Today was the sweaty day with lots and lots of fast paced bodyweight and resistance band moves.

My personal nemesis are Alligator Walks which involve starting in "top of a push up" position with your feet on Valslides (slidy, plastic discs) and dragging yourself along with your arms.
Pure evil/genius.

On a food note I finally got to try a Nakd Bar - Cashew Cookie - and it was so nice. It's good to know that I can buy something sweet and nutritious from a supermarket. I also bought a Cocoa Orange bar but I am being very restrained and resisting the urge to try it tonight :)

Didn't see the Mint one though, which I really want to try.
Are any supermarkets better for stock than Tesco?
Maybe I should try the website.


  1. Waitrose tend to be better for stocking the nakd bars and the Bear granola nibbles and such - hope you find the mint one its lush!

  2. your blog is awesome. you are amazing with makeup, and you have gorgeous eyes. great reviews, and lovely writing style. enjoyed browsing so much. new follower, and hoping we can stay connected. cheers from usa!


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