Monday, 24 January 2011

Fitness: Blue Monday....

Feeling rather miserable today. 2 pounds up from Saturday weigh in, plus got to the post office too late to send off a parcel to QVC. Doesn't sound like much now that I've written it down, but there you go.
The result is that I have been very tempted by junk today but have, so far stuck to my guns even though we went to Tesco and my husband bought a bar of Galaxy - the horror!!!!


Workout: Natalie Cassidy warm up, BD, 8 1/s mins of Davina Body Buff Cardio,don't know why, just wasn't feeling it today so swapped to Natalie Cassidy Sweat section + some of the Punch section for a total of 25 mins of cardio.

-Usual breakfast
- cous cous cucumber mix
- 2 steak, veggie and salad tortillas

That's it, short and sweet is best today, I think!

Hope everyone's had a good day :)

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